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You know you want to start your VA business

But you have a million questions...

  • I have something to offer but where do I start?
  • What services can I offer?
  • What do I charge?
  • Where on earth will I find clients?
  • Isn't the market saturated now anyway?
  • What legal docs will I need?
  • Will I be any good at this?
  • How will I manage my time?
  • What will people think of me?
  • Imposter syndrome kicked in and I am at a standstill, send help!


In Love Monday I answer ALL these questions and so many more.

Hi, I am Carly

And I have been where you are...

Maybe you're a mum like me and find yourself in a "part-time" job that just isn't as flexible as you need it to be. You want to make all the drop-offs and pick-ups, assemblies, and sports days. You feel guilty leaving the kids to go to work and then guilty when you have to make that dreaded call to your boss AGAIN - "my kid is sick".

Maybe you are fed up of the comments. You know the ones... "oh hey part-timer, nice of you to join us this week", "oh you're in today are you", "have fun on your day off tomorrow" - Yeh those comments! The ones that make the most placid person feel the rage!

Maybe you're not a mum, maybe you are just fed up of being told what time to be in the office, when you can eat, go to the loo, how much you'll be paid, who you'll be working with. Fed up of asking permission to be off work.

Maybe you just want to DECIDE.

  • It's sunny, I am heading out on my paddleboard for the day
  • To work from a coffee shop, the sofa, a hammock in the Bahamas - hey it is doable, all you need is your laptop and some wifi!
  • To work only during school hours with holidays off.
  • Or only evenings and baby nap times. 
  • Or just 4 days a week.


I am proof!

I built my business from zero with a child in reception and one on my hip and soon matched my corporate salary working a fraction of the hours.

You can too and I am making it super easy for you!

Course curriculum

Check out what is available inside...

  • 1


  • 2

    Module One: Getting Started

    • Lesson One: Your Why, Your Goals, Who & What!

    • Lesson Two: Setting Up Your Socials

    • Lesson Three: Sexy Legals

  • 3

    Module Two: Getting Out Of Your Own Way

    • Get Visible - Your Shop Front

    • Finding Clients: Leveraging your personal and professional network

    • Pricing

    • Managing YOUR time

  • 4

    Module Three: Client Management

    • Onboarding your new clients **to bed added

    • Boundaries & Expectations

    • Communication & Feedback

    • Offboarding (+ breaking up with) Clients

    • Invoicing + Income and Expenditure Logging

  • 5

    Module Four: Systems, Tools & Processes

    • Discovery Call Process (+ a call workflow)

    • Using Asana for your Biz HQ - DEMO **To be added

    • Using Trello for Content Management - DEMO

    • Using Asana for your Content Management - DEMO

    • Time Tracking App - Toggl

  • 6

    Module Five: Be Extra

    • Turn your clients into your BIGGEST fans

  • 7

    It's Not Goodbye!

    • You Did It!!

Bitesize lessons

Even you can finish!

Love Monday is designed to be finished, all lessons are kept punchy but jam packed full of value. Lessons range from 5 to 20 minutes (less if you watch me on double speed 🤣)


💟  Feeling confident you have all your legals, processes and systems in place 

💟  Feeling sure of your Goals, your Why, your Boundaries and your Pricing

💟  Knowing how to get visible, find those clients and manage your time AVOIDING burnout and overwhelm

💟  Having client management nailed with your boundaries firmly in place

💟  With the ability to turn clients into your best marketing strategy!

💟  Armed with all the tried and tested tools, resources and recommendations you need

💟  Safe in the knowledge the support doesn't have to end here


For a limited time only I will be offering 2 x 30 minutes zoom calls with all Love Monday purchases to offer further support with your training. I'll be on the end of the phone to cheer you on, answer any burning questions or to guide you over a sticky mindset hurdle.

Ready to Get your VA business off the ground?

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